About US

The firm was commenced in 2016 by seasoned professionals with consulting and business expertise in the real estate/ infrastructure space. The firm started as a simple partnership firm soon after the RERA Act first came into force and commenced with education of developers and RERA related strategy planning for projects, prior to May 2017 when the Act came in force for developers. Subsequently, the firm was extensively involved with RERA registration of projects and advisory on statutory compliances. Meanwhile, leaders of the firm were interacting with the State RERA senior officials by providing informal advice on policy formation, which was well received.


With the commencement of adjudication of complaints by RERA the firm was a pioneer in representing clients and getting favourable reliefs. The firm is also representing clients in other forums like consumer courts, Tribunals, High Court.

With the expansion of the work and the team, the partnership firm transitioned into the current limited liability partnership (LLP). Besides doing RERA work the firm is focused on proving holistic multi-functional solutions in the real estate/ infrastructure space and provide all services for the sector under one roof. The litigation work involves the inhouse legal team and another set of established legal practitioners who work as associates, enabling the firm to efficiently handle litigations in forums like Appellate Tribunal, High Court, etc.


The firm believes in sharing of knowledge with buyers and developers pro bono, to help them individually and in the larger social context engender professional working and fair dealings within the sector. The firm has established leadership in providing high quality, strategic, sincere & holistic services with attention to details. The firm is grounded in professional values and integrity which form the bedrock of the firm’s ethos. The firm believes that RERA compliances is in not just a function of timely filing of legal returns but is a complex play of various business functions, systems, values and professional way of management and in this context business planning models have been developed.

Multi-functional expertise helps the firm in looking at the work at hand from a broader vision combined with the on-ground details and often comes out with creative solutions to vexing issues. With skills in rigour of statutory compliance and excellence in documentation including key agreements, dozens of projects are being guided to resolve their issues and avoid future statutory risks and indeed dozens of projects are regular/ ongoing clients.